Customized EZ-Play Austin PS1-SB Parlor Guitar with soft case

Product Code: AA45-PSB



Sunset Learning Studio specializes in customizing guitars so they are easy to play and have great tone for the price!

We start with a well built acoustic guitar that is a good value and will last for many years.  Then we customize it by lowering the strings, filing the bridge, cutting into the nut, adjusting the neck, and re-stringing the instrument with the best strings for that particular guitar. To improve the sound even more, we sometimes replace the saddle and nut with higher quality parts.  And to make the neck even more playable, when needed we file certain frets for low string action and a smooth feel up and down the neck.

The result is a unique instrument that is easy to play and sounds great for a nice price.

Our PS1-SB Parlor Guitar (smaller than a full size dreadnought and slightly smaller than "folk" size), has a solid Sitka Spruce top, bronzewound strings, super low action, and a beautiful sunburst finish.

Our "nice price" includes a deluxe soft case.  (a $45 value)

This guitar is especially well suited for intermediate players.